Hound & Hunter Fine Foods have released, and continue to release, new products available to stock in independent retailers across Western Australia.

All products are small batches made in Manjimup, Western Australia with locally sourced ingredients.

Truffle products are made with 100% real truffle (no aroma's / synthetics are used).

Our current list of retailers can be viewed here.

To learn how to stock our retail product range please Contact Us.

Products are also available in caterer's quantities.


Chicken Liver & Black Truffle Pate

Chicken Liver Pate (Pasture Raised)

It's delicate. It's nuanced. It's smooth. It's delicious.

Duck & Black Truffle Rillette

A rustic spread of shredded confit duck with decadent chunks of Black Truffle.

Best served with pickles and crusty bread.


Duck Confit, Pork & Pistachio

Duck Confit, Pork, Pistachio & Black Truffle

This rustic, bright and delicious terrine is served best with pickles and crusty bread.

Gochu Miso

A flavour boost for soups, stocks, sauces, marinades and more. With a subtle kick.

Yellow pea and barley koji, mildly spiced with Korean gochugaru chilli. A little sweet, with a great umami and a complex mildly spicy flavour.

Vegan. Unpasteurised. Fermented.

Yellow Miso

A flavour boost for soups, stocks, sauces, marinades and more.

Our base miso. Yellow peas and barley koji naturally fermented for up to six months. A fundamental ingredient in Japanese cooking and equally useful in the western kitchen, our misos add a flavour boost to just about everything

Vegan. Unpasteurised. Fermented.